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Bayport Colombia

Calvert's loan to Bayport Colombia supports the provision of credit to low-income individuals who have limited access to financial services. The end beneficiaries use their loans for a variety of purposes, including home improvements, working capital for a family member's business, and education and healthcare costs. As borrowers develop a repayment history they become eligible for lower interest rates on future Bayport loans. Their repayment track record with Bayport also builds their credit score, improving their ability to access credit from traditional lenders in the future. Payments for Bayport's loans are made automatically from the borrower's salary, which helps ensure that loans are sized appropriately relative to the borrower's income. During 2017, Bayport Colombia originated US$84.7 million in loans and had over 36,000 active clients.

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Impact Story

Gloria successfully rebuilt her home

Gloria lives in a small rural town called La Blanquita, Murri, located in Antiquoa in Colombia, where she works as a teacher. Because her town is very inaccessible by public transport, there are minimal banking opportunities within her community. She was living in a small hut made of wood, but was looking to rebuild it out of brick to make it more safe and durable. She learned of Bayport, who offered her an affordable loan. With the loan, she successfully rebuilt her home.

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