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Social Enterprise Foundry

The Social Enterprise Foundry (Sundec property), located in the Sun Valley Neighborhood, is one of the poorest neighborhoods in Colorado. The Urban Land Conservancy (ULC) used Calvert Impact Capital's funding to finance the Social Enterprise Foundry. The Foundry hosts several social enterprises that employ nearly 150 total people. ULC acquired the 44,000-square foot warehouse to preserve space for some of Denver’s leading sustainability-focused nonprofits. Together, their purpose is to improve lives in the Denver metro area and focus on environmental sustainability, job training and job creation. These organizations provide electronics recycling, weatherization services, energy efficiency services, and job training/job creation for at-risk youth, low-income households, and special-needs individuals.

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Blue Star Recyclers

Blue Star Recyclers is the largest tenant of the Social Enterprise Foundry’s building, a certified electronics recycling service that employs people with autism and other disabilities. Founded in 2009, Blue Star Recyclers’ core mission is recycling electronics and other materials to create local jobs for people with autism and other disabilities. In the years since, Blue Stars Recyclers has produced over 40 local jobs for people with disabilities in Colorado, over $4 million in local revenue and over 12 million pounds of ethically recycled electronics. Blue Star Recyclers is also accountable to honor and respect our planet, preserve human health and safety, ensure data security by documented data device destruction and provide social deliverables to the community.

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Mile High Youth Corps


Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization established in 1992 to give youth ages 16 to 24 a chance to earn an income and learn hands-on job skills while serving in their communities. In its first year, 20 youth served Denver neighborhoods through a single 10-week program. Today, MHYC engages more than 200 youth (called Corps members) every year through several comprehensive programs that integrate paid work experience on community service projects with leadership development, career exploration and education. MHYC is another tenant in the Social Enterprise Foundry.

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